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November 2013

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My neighbour’s door. It’s been there now for a week and i’m starting to think it’s not a gift waiting for someone but a Christmas decoration. Lucky me :/


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Changes are a-coming and have come

I think i may now be classified as living bi-coastal. I recently got a job offer that means living in Cork for the week and in Kerry with my family on the weekends. It’s not exactly an ideal situation but it could open the doors to moving to a bigger city in the future. I’m enjoying getting to know another part of Ireland meanwhile. Places i’ve lived in Ireland since i landed 5+ years ago: Carrick-on-Shannon, Galway, Dublin city, Shankill, Listowel and now Cork city. Well, i do love to travel…

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BBQ_Grilled_Steak_WrapsI had a 700 calorie lunch the other day. Exactly half of my daily calorie intake! Now you might think i had some lobster with lots of melted butter and a side of pasta etc etc but in actual fact i had a small bbq steak and lettuce wrap and a bottle of ribena. You know that dry, non delicious wrap you get at the bus station because you absolutely have to have something to eat as you travel. I gave a quick glance at the calorie info as i was eating and was astounded (astounded i tell ya) that this tiny healthy looking wrap was a whopping 491 calories. Add that to my ribena drink (which i thought was a good alternative to soda) at 218 calories and no wonder my scale screams at me daily! The food choices readily available today means you have to be a healthy food vigilante to loose weight or keep in any kind of shape. Lemon water and apples anyone? Oh wait, there are about 80 calories in an apple and….

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Here are my furry babies KungFu Panda and Cookie monster. KP (black & white) kicks ass and Cookie eats everything in sight. Together they keep me sane while i pretend to work from home. Moving from the big city meant losing friends and much needed mental stimulation. Thankfully KP is well educated with an extensive vocabulary and Cookie is a bit of a mad hatter and keeps me in stitches. You can keep up with their exploits on KP’s fb page (yeah that’s right) kungfu panda, zen master Oh the silly things we animal lovers do!

How you like them apples?

The morning after the night before. Glad halloween is over. Felt so bad for the kids trick or treating yesterday. All i had was a bowl of green apples. Why, you say? Well i’ve been held up in my house for a week because of a sprained neck muscle and could not go shopping. Should i have offered the apples to the kids? Er, I don’t know. I hid in my sitting room with the TV on and ignored the door bell ringing. The neighbours’ kids were on to me though. Let’s just say i’m glad my front door wasn’t egged last night. I’ll be better prepared next year!

It’s November 1st! Time to get your NaBloPoMo on.

Waaaaiiiiiitttttt I can’t do both darn it! lol

The Daily Post

November is a big month for writers — you’ve probably read about NaNoWriMo, which kicks off today.

Not interested in writing a length book, but looking for a challenge that’ll push you as a blogger? Try NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, which also starts now: one post a day, however short or long, every day in November. The topic is up to you, as is the format — longform, photo essay, haiku, webcomic, or quick musings; they’re all fair game.

To participate, just start posting! Tag your posts with “NaBloPoMo” to help other bloggers (and us!) find you. You’ve also got until November 5th to add your blog to the official NaBloPoMo blogroll on BlogHer, where you can grab a badge for your blog.

(Why register for the blogroll? One word: community. Oh, and one more: prizes.)

We’ll have more on NaBloPoMo next week, but the…

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