BBQ_Grilled_Steak_WrapsI had a 700 calorie lunch the other day. Exactly half of my daily calorie intake! Now you might think i had some lobster with lots of melted butter and a side of pasta etc etc but in actual fact i had a small bbq steak and lettuce wrap and a bottle of ribena. You know that dry, non delicious wrap you get at the bus station because you absolutely have to have something to eat as you travel. I gave a quick glance at the calorie info as i was eating and was astounded (astounded i tell ya) that this tiny healthy looking wrap was a whopping 491 calories. Add that to my ribena drink (which i thought was a good alternative to soda) at 218 calories and no wonder my scale screams at me daily! The food choices readily available today means you have to be a healthy food vigilante to loose weight or keep in any kind of shape. Lemon water and apples anyone? Oh wait, there are about 80 calories in an apple and….