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December 2013

Unmet Plans

So brilliantly articulates MY innermost thoughts! I’m leaning in next year and holding on to faith…



I just turned 30 this year, and it was a difficult milestone, as I’m not yet the self-made millionaire I was supposed to be by this time.

I’m a tricky guy; I eat cookie dough and get giddy over a tacky Christmas light displays with all those cheap plastic light-up Santas and snowmen. But deep-down I’ve been a Scrooge. (I turned off the Christmas music a couple of days ago because it was just too much.)

But 2013 has been a difficult year.

I had high expectations to be met by this time.

We were supposed to have a kid by now, be financially stable – no, comfortable, and  have my book be a New York Times bestseller.

But with just thirteen days left of the year, it’s not likely my plans will come through, and my resolutions must be delayed another year.

But, hard as it is…

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Work is over rated


I started a new job and have suddenly become super busy! Forget writing the all Nigerian novel or spending time with family this Christmas season.

This year i’m doing something i swore i would never do again. Work Christmas day. And new year’s day. And eve. My new job has made me a reluctant grinch. *sob*

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