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A blog about the life of an alien in a little town in Ireland…


March 2014

All the glam you can handle

At St Patrick’s day parade Listowel.

20140322-091533 PM.jpg

20140322-091612 PM.jpg

20140322-091634 PM.jpg


King and Queen of their domain

I love watching my cats navigate the neighbourhood. Plus it’s Spring baby!!!

20140313-062500 PM.jpg

20140313-062511 PM.jpg

20140313-062526 PM.jpg

20140313-062540 PM.jpg

20140313-062559 PM.jpg

This happened today

Was feeling very positive about my haircut so I put on my brightest lipstick, made the biggest bow using a head-wrap and took a deep breath. Here I go…

20140301-092925 PM.jpg

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