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August 2015

Re-united and it feels so good 

I’ve had my Sister’s kids for the last month and we’ve been having a swell time. But when they heard their Mom was on the way to pick them up, the level of excitement was off the chains. Here is my niece giving her Mom a big hug. I missed capturing the moment my nephew jumped on his Mom and wrapped his legs around her. He is a proper mama’s boy and has been like a kitten separated and the united with mama cat. 

It got me thinking that no matter how well you are doing in your corner of the world, it means very little when family or people you love are not around. It’s a shallow kind of existence to not have your support system in your life. Can’t wait to see family in September!



That’s some real and raw stuff…

A thousand letters of hope

Nobody can possibly know how I feel at this point. What if I said I hate God? or that what He did was very unfair, would that make me a bad person? Now I have to go through the rest of my life wondering why this had to happen. I have to accept the fact that my siblings and I are orphans .

I had decided to go through life, bitter, angry and unresponsive to whatever people had to say. This was not the life I hoped for. I was shutting everyone out. Nothing can ever prepare you for the death of a loved one. There isn’t any manual to help you understand or grieve better, or tell you the next step to take. The one thing I wasn’t looking forward to, was answering the question, “Where are your parents?” Even to this day, I still have to process how…

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Beach Life

Every year Beach Missions with members all over the world, come to Ballybunion and organize games, treasure hunts and sing-alongs for about 4 weeks. In the midst of all the crazy fun, they take the time to speak God’s word to people who may othetwise never get a chance to hear the gospel. This was my first summer going to see them in action. Today we had 110km ph winds at the beach but we all kept going!


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