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October 2015



Laura A. Lord

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I do not think I like this legacy of mine.
Half my life we’ve been at war
and slaughter has become the adulthood I know.
I gave up my generation to fight this war
and we’re leaving behind new gods in our wake.
We’re all hailing at the Church of Trump
and we mistook the burning bush
for George W.
Because the deacons of our NRA society
have told me I need this gun to stay safe,
have shown me that worship
comes in small metal packages,
shot straight into the heart of the issue
of this up and coming,
numb generation.
Where we have exchanged
love thy neighbor
for love thy white neighbor,
thy Christian neighbor,
thy middle-aged, gun toting,
conservative neighbor.
This is a land where we can preach
all life is sacred
and then quote the second amendment
all in the same breath.


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I Swear I Have a Wrinkle

Today is my birthday. It’s a day I have been dreading for the last four weeks. The first time I felt anything near anxiety at my birthday was when I turned 30. I am approaching another milestone in 365 days so I was not surprised when the dread set in. Ugh! If you haven’t guessed it, I’m 39 years old today. I will be forty next year.  Womp womp!

Don’t get me wrong. I have an okay life. I cannot bring myself to call it good. Sure there is now a deep vertical line perpetually on my brow that won’t go away (smile more Kemi, smile) and I know that I generally look good for my age #insertmelaninjokehere. I have a husband who loves me and starting to make good friends who turned out today with presents and a determination to cheer me up.  I have good health, live in a friendly community and have wonderful family. But the problem with getting older is that you start to check your life against that list you made in your twenties about all the stuff you want to achieve, say, when you’re forty. I’m not even close and that depresses me. I think I had one item ticked. WTF!

It’s like I had a vision of my life and then made choices that ensured the opposite would happen. I love the Arts and social sciences. So I ended up in IT. I love dogs and I always wanted one. I got two cats instead. It’s bordering on the ridiculous. It’s like I’m not even me! Oh I’m so mad at myself. 

Please don’t tell me it could be worse (it could be sure). Please don’t remind me how blessed I am and how I have the rest of my life to make changes. Please don’t tell me 40 is the new 20 any ways so technically I’m not even 30 yet. This does not help. Please let me just eat cake tonight, wallow in my self pity and talk to my cats. I’m sure I’ll get over it by tomorrow. It will all have been a dream. 
Ps. I did have a good day. Friends always have a way of getting you out of your funk and make you happy. We chatted for hours and I laughed so hard. If any of you are reading, I thank God for you all. Today would have sucked without you. 


The Unrighteousness of Fat

I’m fat. Technically, more accurately, I’m morbidly obese. But people don’t usually like technical, so I’m fat. Being fat is hard in our society. Being fat and Mormon is even harder. As Mormons, we depend on outward actions and appearances to determine all things important, including our righteousness. Fat Mormon Woman = Unrighteous

Anniversary Shenanegans

Last weekend was our 5 year wedding anniversary so imagine my surprise to hear dear hubby had managed to plan a weekend away to the beautiful west of Ireland in Galway.

For those of you who don’t know, Galway city was my very first introduction to Ireland. It was where I did my graduate studies (Go NUIG!), landed my very first Irish job and met my first true love (awwwww).

So off we went on a road trip making good time from Kerry in about 2 hours. We checked into our hotel and off we went into the city. Galway will always be a magical place to me. It is not called the walking city for nothing. We did not need our car once (well excluding an early morning run to McDonalds for breaky) and so we walked around for hours. We checked out all our old haunts like McDonaghs fish and chips, strolled by the Spanish Arch, and reminisced over the smoke house burger in what used to be Eddie Rockets (now called something else but the menu is still the same). We sat down for a rest in Eyre Square and watched to all the buskers and musicians on shop street. I love vintage stuff so we tried to find some of them in the city center to no avail. This even after checking the locations online. We perused the used books in Charlie Byrne’s bookshop as well as hitting up Easons for a literary treat.

All in all it was a great trip and after two days of walking, we were glad for our comfy beds, a bottle of wine and a good night sleep. We have now decided that if we ever win the lottery, we’ll gladly leave it all behind for the magic of Galway city.

Spanish Arch
Spanish Arch
A walk by the river
A walk by the river
Flower shop, middle street
Flower shop, middle street
shop street
shop street
shop street
shop street

IMG_1414 IMG_1419

River Corrib

College road
College road


Charlie Byrne's bookshop
Charlie Byrne’s bookshop
Scotty's Steakhouse
Scotty’s Steakhouse

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