Every winter in Ireland, I suffer from a light to medium case of the blues. I don’t know how to get over it but every year it starts out as a mild case of down town funk and progresses steadily to a medium level depression and pessimism.seasonal-depression

This is in stark contrast to my excitement for the Christmas season and the enjoyment to look forward to from having family around. I feel like i’m slowly losing my tolerance for the cold weather, the wind, slate, snow and darkness. Coming from a predominantly sunny and hot country, I complained for years about the heat but my body was used to it. Moving to Ireland was a bit of a shocker in those terms. How do people survive with all year cold weather. Even the Summers are cool and wet!

I am now convinced that I could never retire here so I have to start working on a plan that will allow me to live in a hot climate in oh about 25yrs.

I don’t know how much longer I can take living in such a cold and wet country. How do you get over the winter blues? Please share because God knows, I need a few pointers.