I suppose you do come to a time in your life when you give up on the superfluous demonstrations of ‘we are in love’ vibe that everyone loves to put out when Valentine’s day rolls around. Love for the (recently) 40-ish couple means a lot of things during the year but especially for Valentine’s day it goes like this:

  • That you actually get the date right. This year my hubby presented my card with a flourish as i peeled potatoes (still in my boots and scarf from work) and in a sing sung manner, wished me a ‘Happy Valentine’s day’. Problem? It was the 13th of February. Better early than late eh?
  • That you get a card. Not getting one just means you don’t care. It doesn’t matter if you got it at the corner petrol station convenience. A card is a must otherwise you’re getting the silent and deadly treatment. No ifs buts or maybes. We are not asking for much.
  • That you organise something. As women we’re not sure what that something is but even if it is announcing that you will be making or ordering dinner that day, that works. Bonus points if you’re also doing the dishes.
  • Getting corny, mushy or silly is downright encouraged. A little lightheartedness is a delight to the heart. It’s how we forget all the f@*k ups from the previous years and convince ourselves (again) that we made the right choice in choosing to shack up with yourself.
  • Flowers will almost guarantee you get some. They are optional but who doesn’t like to get some eh?

And that’s it folks. Happy Valentine’s day!!!