September is race week in my little town Ireland.

For decades, people have been coming from all over the world to see some of the best horses (and jockeys) in Ireland come try their luck in North Kerry. Can I14362621_10153873894201056_1146743205206809394_o admit that I absolutely love my town during this week? Well I love it and I hate it just a teeny weeny bit.

The town heaves with the masses that week, lots of families pour in because of the amusement center set up and I must admit this is one of my favourite parts of the week besides seeing the horses. I spent Friday night walking around the amusement part with a friend who was determined to see me die on on of the rides. She did manage to get me on one of them but that won’t happen again. Nope. Not for me!

Ladies day is also a sight to behold. I loved seeing young teenage couples dressed out to the nines in both age appropriate and not so appropriate clothes. Young love eh? It’s my favourite day to go but I had to work so boo!

I did go to the races on Saturday
which is the last day of event. I backed a winner three times out of the eight races of the day (I only stayed for seven races tho). It’s my best record yet.

Night time is wheumbrellan it gets crazy during race week. The pubs are full to bursting and so are the sidewalks. The chippers are open till the wee hours of the morning catering to the ones who need greasy food to soak up all the alcohol drunk during the night time revelling. I don’t particularly enjoy the part of trying not to hit the drunks that stumble unto the road without a thought to their life or mine but that’s another rant i’m not ready to get into today. You should definitely try to attend one when you’re in Kerry.