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Eating in Ireland

A Long Time Coming (Home)

I went back home to Lagos after a long hiatus for my Dad’s 70th birthday celebration. It was an emotional homecoming for me because I had really been homesick for the last 2 years. I did not realize how much I missed my friends and extended family!

As expected there were good and bad bits to this trip. I’ll start with the bad so I can end on a good note. 

The bad and ugly:  

Bullies. My old bully came around and started with her old tricks. I know she doesn’t like me and years ago I let her know that I didn’t care for her either. But she keeps up appearances in public and especially when my parents are around. The funny thing is she gets in well and is very gracious to my other siblings but me? Well, she can’t quite get herself to be civil. And these hurtful jabs at me are done with a pasty sacharine smile that makes you want to give her a dirty slap. For example if anyone should compliment an achievement of mine, she will be sure to let me know in a fee words how not so special it was. At her first visit to my parents and having not seen me in 7 yrs, she proceeds to rave about how lovely my sister’ hair looked (we had just had our hair braided) and then asked me why I didn’t have mine done. The fake shock when I revealed that yes i had just had it done and by the same person. Oh she replied how nobody could tell that i had braided my hair on same day as my sister. Although i’m used to her barbed tongue, it never stops hurting. Alas I am not the one that stole her spiritual husband so i’ll leave her to her bitterness. Smh. 

Not so bad

Weather was so so. June-August is the best time to visit Lagos if not used to the heat. Why? Rain season! Even with the cool breeze and consistent(ish) electricity, I’d never sweated that much except in a steam room. It was hot, humid and tropical. The misquitoes would have really dealt with me if not for insect repellant sprays and wipes. I still managed to catch Malaria when I returned to Ireland but thanks to an anti malaria medicine i took in Nigeria, it was a mild version (Thank you Jesus!). 

Opportunists who came around to steal, scavange and decieve. By the way these are people known to the family. People who call themselves friends and consider themselves religious but have little moral compass. In their world, it is right to grab from people you think are better off from you. Afterall they won’t miss it. And if they do and try to hold you accountable for your actions, why, they are just being greedy and selfish! Yeah, I’m not bitter at all!

The good: My favourite bits

Family was awesome. I connected with old cousins,uncles, aunts, friends and what not that I felt full all the time. Good company has a way of making you feel better, reminds you of who you are and what really matters. Living abroad can be very lonely. You gain friends for sure but they usually only know a part of you. Friends who know you from your awkward teenage years or even toddler years will bring out your old swag lol. Being around my family made me realize who I was, what I came from and what I should be. I’ve been sleeping for the last 5yrs. I forgot and have been trying to make myself fit into my new life. Trying to dull my shine so I don’t stick out. Not anymore! For that awakening, I’m grateful. 

Me and Baby Sis    
Victoria Garden City

Me and Siblings

Mom and Sister from another Mama  
Mom and Sis

Ikeja City Mall


Mum and Dad


Well I thought I ate a lot on this trip so imagine my surprise when I returned to Ireland a few pounds lighter (woohoo!). I ate pretty much anything I knew I couldn’t get abroad. My Mum did not disappoint haha. 

Eba and gbure/ugwu stew

Nigerian peanuts (the best)

 Ikokore (grated wateryam dumplings and more spinach stew)

The Ikeja city Mall saved my life and intermittent boredom. I basically lived in the Woodin store (i’m a fabric hoarder) and Shoprite grocery store (bakery counter hello). 

All in all, great trip! Next time, I hope to go sightseeing in the West of Nigeria and Ghana. I can’t wait!


A food blog? Why not?

I post so many food pictures on Instagram that i’m thinking it may be time to create a food and recipe blog! Frankly i think my fb and instagram friends are getting sick of it but i seriously love cooking and making up my own recipes. I like the idea of challenging myself in something I already love doing and seeing where it may lead. On the other hand, do I really need another social media outlet that i have to update and keep interesting?

Just so you know, I have:
8 facebook pages (yikes!)
1 instagram
1 wordpress
1 tumblr
2 twitter account (1 related to a fb page)
1 Pinterest
1 Blipfoto

Hmmmmm…. Decisions, decisions… Yes I think I may be crazy!

Suya - Nigerian smoky BBQ

Writers Week

Listowel writers week is my favourite time of the year. Loads of people descend on this town in their tourist uniform if shorts and sunglasses as we all partake of theatre, live poetry readings, live music, book signings, galleries etc. So much excitement. I love it!

20140530-055009 PM-64209963.jpg

20140530-055007 PM-64207123.jpg

20140530-055008 PM-64208605.jpg

20140530-055011 PM-64211287.jpg

20140530-055012 PM-64212619.jpg

20140530-055436 PM-64476232.jpg

20140530-055437 PM-64477023.jpg

20140530-055438 PM-64478512.jpg

20140530-055439 PM-64479900.jpg

Burgers on the brain

20140517-120856 AM.jpg

My body has been craving burgers lately (i have no excuse. I’m not preggers) so i had one in Cork in Lapps quay. Soft floury baps and a hand made burger flipped over a flaming grill. Perrrrfect!

20140517-121130 AM.jpg

Nigerian food

Rice, diced and friend ripe plantains, ofada stew (beef/sweet breads cooked in a pepper sauce and bleached palm oil). To. Die. For.

How you like them apples?

The morning after the night before. Glad halloween is over. Felt so bad for the kids trick or treating yesterday. All i had was a bowl of green apples. Why, you say? Well i’ve been held up in my house for a week because of a sprained neck muscle and could not go shopping. Should i have offered the apples to the kids? Er, I don’t know. I hid in my sitting room with the TV on and ignored the door bell ringing. The neighbours’ kids were on to me though. Let’s just say i’m glad my front door wasn’t egged last night. I’ll be better prepared next year!

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