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Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend road trip up north to Leitrim county: stopping for some sunny D, cafe stop over, kids messing about at a party, nature, cats hiding in the shade ( too hot), KP stealing ice cream…

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My two cats are kind of frenemies. They switch between being besties and avoiding each other. Today they love each other and are snuggled up. So sweet!

Such a busy day today. A very unplanned busy day. I had to drive into town three times running one errand or the other. By the time I got home, made dinner and ate, I was too tired to go to a cooking class I was invited to. The only thing I’m good for tonight is brainless TV 🙂

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Here are my furry babies KungFu Panda and Cookie monster. KP (black & white) kicks ass and Cookie eats everything in sight. Together they keep me sane while i pretend to work from home. Moving from the big city meant losing friends and much needed mental stimulation. Thankfully KP is well educated with an extensive vocabulary and Cookie is a bit of a mad hatter and keeps me in stitches. You can keep up with their exploits on KP’s fb page (yeah that’s right) kungfu panda, zen master Oh the silly things we animal lovers do!

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