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via Daily Prompt: Realize

6- The year you realize you are funny and that there is power in the ability to make someone laugh.

10- The age you realize books are an acceptable and fun way of escape. You devour everything, from Enid Blyton to M&Bs to Encyclopedia Britannicas.

13- The moment you realize your body is changing and you are powerless to stop it.

15- The moment you fall in love and realize what longing truly is.

17- The time you realize your parents do not know everything and can make mistakes.

18- The year you left home and realized you knew nothing.

19- The year you sunk so low into depression you did not think you’d come out of it. You realize how much your family’s presence had contributed to your positive mental health.

25- The moment you realize it’s never too late to go home.

25- The year you realize you can’t do it alone and found God. Everything changed.

30- The birthday where you realized you had to leave.

33- That time you realized you had a voice and that you were okay with who you’d become.

35- When you realize you married the right person.

39- That moment you realize you have a lot to say and are ready to say it.

To be continued…epiphany-word-nerd-definition-via-lawhimsy



Daily Prompt: Jump

via Daily Prompt: Jump



With both feet

Don’t delay

Don’t hesitate

Don’t overthink it

So the water is cold. So it’s uncomfortable. So it makes your teeth chatter.

So what?

Live a little. Live a lot.

Comfort is overrated anyway.



With both feet.

A food blog? Why not?

I post so many food pictures on Instagram that i’m thinking it may be time to create a food and recipe blog! Frankly i think my fb and instagram friends are getting sick of it but i seriously love cooking and making up my own recipes. I like the idea of challenging myself in something I already love doing and seeing where it may lead. On the other hand, do I really need another social media outlet that i have to update and keep interesting?

Just so you know, I have:
8 facebook pages (yikes!)
1 instagram
1 wordpress
1 tumblr
2 twitter account (1 related to a fb page)
1 Pinterest
1 Blipfoto

Hmmmmm…. Decisions, decisions… Yes I think I may be crazy!

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